IAP 2016

16.680 Hands-On Aerospace

January 2016 (exact dates TBD), 3 units P/F

Ever wanted to build a plane / rocket / satellite? Interested in programming unmanned robots? Excited about learning and presenting new ideas? Come explore the fun side of AeroAstro by jumping right in! “Hands-On Aerospace” is a workshop designed to show how diverse AeroAstro can be through practical, hands-on activities and demos. In this course, you will interact with awesome professors, tour research labs and facilities, and design/build real systems in hands-on activities with Rocket Team, UAV Team, and Design/Build/Fly. Not only will this workshop show you the practical applications of AeroAstro, you will help pass knowledge on to future generations by creating a presentation that can be used as instructional material for outreach activities at high schools and middle schools.

For questions, please contact hands-on-aerospace@mit.edu.