WGA3 is a group for graduate women in the Aero/Astro department.  Our objective is to foster a community and encourage relationships between women in aerospace engineering, and build outreach initiatives both within Aero/Astro and throughout MIT.  We continue to run two programs: (1) a graduate-undergraduate mentorship program for Aero/Astro women, and (2) an outreach initiative to collect and assemble materials that can be used to teach STEM education to the younger generations.  This year we will continue to support and grow these two initiatives, as well as promoting and representing the interests of our Aero/Astro graduate and post-doc women.

Our primary objectives and initiatives are listed below:

  • Promote and maintain our women’s graduate/undergraduate mentoring program
  • Continue to develop a database of outreach material in support of STEM education for use by the entire Aero/Astro community
  • Support the personal and professional development of Aero/Astro graduate women
  • Act as liaisons to represent the interests of Aero/Astro graduate women to the department and to the MIT community
  • Develop a sense of community for Aero/Astro graduate women